In the sensitive soul of this poet lives the romantic spirit of a time gone by... Marc has the innate ability to paint with his words the scenes of the heart and in the painting, to catch the flavor of a sigh and the scent of a gentle kiss upon the hand.  He weaves this poetic magic in both French and English, perhaps in Flemish, and always in the manner of Prince Charming.


(All poetry on this page ©Marc Menu)





concerto in D

made of shades

for a feather

by way of bow

a winged violin

and a moonshine

over the whole orchestra


she smiles

while she plays

softly whispers

in her instrument's ear

and together

they tame

every note


the bow


a strange alphabet

in the air

with curves

and foam



she first

seems surprised

then gets filled

with wonder

as she looks


at her own violin


a touch

of mischief

for messing up

the harmonic's hair

and for putting

the whitest notes

in colours



©1999 - 2017 Mary Barnett / Moodesigns